MSP IT Partners Overview


MSP IT Partners is an outsourced IT service provider to Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in the Southeast USA.  Target regions include the States of Georgia, Carolinas and Florida; the urban centers of Atlanta, Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, Charlotte, and Daytona.

Outsourced Computer IT Service providers (MSPs) deliver recurring network and systems engineering services in return for a recurring, stable monthly income.   The pricing model is based upon the number of hours required to service a client which usually correlates to the number of devices (especially network and application servers), and the number of users.

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Catherine Baird, who leads MSP Partners as Founder and COO has almost 20-years of experience in the industry and has successfully grown companies 400% revenues shareholder value in <3 years; 233%.  She is frequently called upon by other MSP owners for her expertise, has consulted with at least 4, and is recently emerging from a one year stint as COO of a local MSP where she was charged with optimizing the Service Delivery organization after 3 years of rapid growth.  She is proficient in all aspects of the business, has established vendor, client and professional contacts in the locale.

During her years as an IT executive and in evolving the Managed Services Practice business model, Catherine has found 5 key factors are instrumental to company success and provide a rewarding experience for each individual client business:

  1. IT’s Personal: Catherine developed and retains the Intellectual Property rights to an MSP service model that provides boutique, personalized recurring services to Small Businesses. She actually participated in the creation of the Service Delivery & Contract model later adopted by Microsoft and rolled out across its channel program.  The goal is people first, happy and empowered employees and partners make for satisfied customers.
  2. Business-Technology Focus: Over 20 years, Catherine has seen again and again that companies who let technology drive the business face instability and surprise crises, whereas companies that require business goals and objectives to drive the selection and use of technology remain stable and prosperous. MSP Partners is entirely a business-first company.
  3. Sustainable Business Model: Because MSP Partners does not seek hyper-growth or fad-driven valuations, it will be able to offer predictable, reliable, sustainable operational practices for its employees to follow and its customers to enjoy. Much like “Starbucks”, the goal is a repeatable customer experience.
  4. Cooperative Partnership: Focus is key. MSP Partners will retain a core focus in terms of services offered and expertise staffed and inculcated among the delivery team.  If the acquired company is not a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, MSP Partners will attain that standing within the first 12-18 months; other than commonplace Cloud Hosting, MSP Partners will not endeavor to create or support large scale enterprise networks with complex infrastructure.  Core partners will include HP, Dell, Veeam, ConnectWise, Kaspersky, Symantec, and Webroot.  Ancillary and peripheral services will be provided by 3rd party partners acting within resale or associate agreements in order that the internal MSP Partners team does not have to master too many technologies.
  5. Local: MSP Partners will operate within the local community and participate actively. This business model thrives on personal relationships, onsite presence, and the human component.  It is important for computer end users and business owners to be able to see, feel, hear and touch directly the changes or improvements that allow their IT environments to operate effectively.

Interested in learning more?  Catherine can be reached via email at or LinkedIn at  or by phone at 404-966-2225