About Pyramids-2-Clouds

From Pyramids to Clouds, LLC was founded in 2013 to enable creative, business, personal and technology advancements to help usher in the Shift of Ages…  In recognition that we are experiencing the end of the Industrial Era, human beings are coming together from all over the globe to incubate, facilitate, engage and assist in a new energetic:

“the fellowship of humanity’s royal riches of creativity are realized.”

From Pyramids to Clouds is supporting 4 cornerstones in our co-creation of a new world that works for everyone:

MSP IT Partners3D_Tricube_Sunburst_2Enabling the Professional Practice Model for SMB IT Services

Business Technology Specialists helping Small & Medium Sized Businesses – Locally – Derive the Economies of Scale and the Diversified Skill Sets needed today to Support their Companies

IT’s (Information Technology is) Personal!THECLOUD_1013Enabling Cloud Computing, the DAO, and the 5-D Web

The vision of Cloud Computing sometimes seems to become lost with concerns about security, privacy, loss of control, and sheer complexity.  There has to be a better way!  Incubating new decentralized Internet protocols with encryption, privacy, and individual control built-in; decentralized autonomous organizations instead of monolithic “big brother” providers; open, free, transparent computing frameworks; digital identities; consent; micro-transactions; peer-2-peer exchange

Portals to Consciousness120-cell Enabling Conscious Living and Unity Consciousness

Platform, ideas, philosophy, and interaction support to help expand the outreach and presence of a multitude of alternative views and expressions that are blossoming across the world today.  We provide just one jumping off point for visitors to discover new ways of thinking and being: The Shift of Ages, Sustainable Communities, the Greening Revolution, I AM, Escaping the Matrix

SignpostsGlobes_Go Enabling the Third Way and Reclaiming a Lost History

It surprises many people that the ideas and movements so prevalent today have their origins and roots stemming back into so many cultures, religions, people over 100s and 1000s of years.  What we are experiencing now has been foretold by countless thinkers and philosophers over time.  Here, we invite you to reclaim just one small thread that helped to bring about the end of totalitarianism and oppression … how small groups of Russian Philosophers, French Revolutionaries, Undercover Government Bureaucrats and the YMCA … provoked a Revolution from Within to bring about the greatest global transformation in our time –> the Collapse of the USSR!