A New Take on FCC!


As we transmute the 3-letter organizations who no longer serve us, we the people, globally… let’s take FCC.  Instead of Federal Communication Commission (which does not seem to serve the people’s interests and can’t seem to manage much) – how about this simple affirmation:


I was first introduced to this affirmation by the Russian spiritual and personalist philosopher, Nikolai Berdyaev. In his book, The Destiny of Man, Berdyaev analyzed the changing mood he saw affecting humanity during the interwar years between World War I and World War II… this was written in the midst of our last Great economic Depression:

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Conscious Living

A Web-ring connection and introduction to the huge variety of inspirational blogs & thinkers today!

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Unity Consciousness & Conscious Living Movements

“Conscious Living” denotes a philosophical and ethical approach to life founded on the belief that each human being is “Divine Source” (Soul, Spirit, God, Unity Consciousness, Higher Self), manifested in physical form on Earth. Each person is Divine. I AM. This means that no other person has the right to control, restrict, or govern the actions or beliefs of any other and that we are all *FREE*!

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