Let’s Declare August 21, 2017 a Day of Reconciliation!

The energies are intense… and they’re building!  From the Mayan “Day out of Time” on July 25th through the Lunar eclipse (Aug 7), then Lion’s Gate (Aug 8) we are experience wave after ascending wave of disclosure, anomalies, and insanity as we approach the great unveiling promised by the full Solar Eclipse that will span all of North America and much of the world on August 21, 2017.

It is the time to drop our masks!

A dear friend just alerted me to Pink’s newly released song track: What about Us. It encapsulates the remaining clearing that we all need to embrace so beautifully.  It inspired me to co-create this call to action!

You know, in the Lightworker community … those seeking ascension, disclosure, change, unity consciousness … little is said about apologies.  Yes, we do frequently cite Ho’pono’pono

“I love you.

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you”

But too often, we cast it out, scattered to the winds and world…  where, like leaves in the autumn or undirected intentions, it flies… circles… and eventually descends to Gaia and becomes dust..

Have you ever looked earnestly into another’s eyes – especially someone you might not be intimately connected with?  A co-worker, boss, employee?  A homeless person you stopped by and somehow connected with on the subway or street?  A stranger?  Have you ever stopped and shared your soul with them, citing these beautiful words, and recognized the truth behind John Donne’s poem, “no man is an island, entire of themselves…?

It is, without doubt, the most wonderful opening, unveiling, human, heart-rewarding moment that I’ve ever experienced sharing my soul with a virtual stranger and receiving, in return, the recognition that YES we ARE connected!  We ARE all humans, ALL ONE, in this crazy, unfathomable, so-often cruel and heartless world!

I call for August 21, 2017 to be a Day of Reconciliation because we do not need simply disclosure, unveiling, or… forgive me … ascension.

We don’t need something external to ourselves to come in an save us.

What we need is to embrace each other, to see each other…

Namaste = I see the God in you! 

We need to forgive ourselves, forgive each other and be forgiven.

As the sun yields before the shadow of the moon and all is cast into darkness.  Let us at that amazing time forgive each other and see each other.  Let us collectively say: “I’m sorry.”

Because that is when the real truth will be revealed.