Distractions – I AM – Las Vegas Poem…

Don’t tell me about the shooter. I don’t want to know his name or his story.

Don’t tell me about gun control issues or political matters.

Tell me about the Taxi drivers who turned off their meters to evacuate people to safety.

Tell me about the bystanders that shuttled victims to the hospital in their personal vehicles because there weren’t enough ambulances.

Tell me about the businesses and citizens who opened their homes to people seeking shelter for safety.

Tell me about the first responders dispatchers, police officers, firefighters, ems personnel, nurses, doctors who pushed through their biggest nightmare to save lives.

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Distractions — Meaning

What do we mean by?

It’s just a distraction…  Don’t let yourself be distracted

If you read posts written by those of us who are working to shift consciousness, disclose, help us develop our sense of personal responsibility, increase freedom or just by people who simply care, you’ll see that short hand.  A lot!

It’s one that has plagued me for years.

What does it mean?  It sounds so… well… uncaring.  So fatalistic and dismissive.

Updated 10/5/2017: Added links to the posts that have come out since I wrote this.  You, everyone, this world … we are phenomenal!  Awesome!

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