Solovyov, Sobornost’ & 4 Feathers…

rock3-300x300Russia converges with Standing Rock

Russia’s spiritual philosophers evolved the egalitarian, We the People, organizational structure of Eastern Orthodox Christianity — The Sobor (Council of Equals) — into a worldview vision of the future where human beings would live together in harmony, in balance with the Earth and all her creatures.

They called this Sobornost’  –> Unity of a group who share one heart, mind and spirit working together for a common good.

vladimir-solovyovVladimir Solovyov (1853-1900) developed the idea of vseedinstvo, unity-of-all, a concept similar to that of Sobornost’ and closely connected with his doctrine of Godmanhood.  He wrote of Sobornost’,

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Water Protectors & the 4 Feathers

Protecting our Waters is Not a Distraction

Donate to Veterans protecting #WaterisLife here: or  Donate to the Water Protectors here:  For more ideas how you can help see:

While we’ve all been preoccupied with the national elections and the latest Fake vs. Real Media controversy, enjoying watching President-elect Trump call the top producers and journalists from the leading “mainstream media” outlets on the carpet of his golden tower… a more important turning point in our humanity is reaching its crescendo.

Far out West, in North Dakota, a 9-month standoff between Oil & Water has received only the most superficial news coverage from both the mainstream media or alternative press. Yet this is bigger than the Bundy / BLN standoff and repeats the same abuses of Eminent Domain. And as the tinder fires in our North Georgia mountains and the 5 (FIVE!) Colonial Pipeline leaks in this year alone show, this is a more clear and present danger to our environment than Climate Change.  And with heavily-armed mercenaries (security guards paid for by the pipeline) and law enforcement officials wantonly shooting unarmed people who are exercising their 1st Amendment Rights, and spraying them with freezing water cannons and concussion grenades, this is a bigger miscarriage of justice than we saw at Ferguson.

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Trump Win a Catalyst in Fake-Real News Unveiling

The Media Enters the Shift of Ages… Finally!

With all the surprises, bumps and turns we’ve experienced in 2016 it is still astonishing that this year would bring about the collapse of Controlled Media and the centralized propaganda machine that has increasingly dominated the world since 9/11.

I have struggled mightily analyzing and reconciling the furor this past week over Fake vs. Real News which reached it’s fevered pitch Sunday morning in Ron Paul’s explosive tweet naming the actual newscasters at CNN, ABC, USA Today and elsewhere who 1) conspired with the DNC to get Hillary Clinton elected as evidenced in John Podesta’s emails and 2) put aside the tenets of professional journalism back in 2003 (13 years ago) by failing to investigate the truth and sources accusing Iraq of stockpiling weapons of mass destruction.

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Ethics for Today

berdyaev-memeThree new factors have appeared in the moral life of man and are acquiring an unprecedented significance.

Ethics must take account of three new objects of human striving.

  1. Man has come to love freedom more than he has ever loved it before, and he demands freedom with extraordinary persistence. He no longer can or wants to accept anything unless he can accept it freely.
  2. Man has grown more compassionate than before. He cannot endure the cruelty of the old days, he is pitiful in a new way to every creature—not only to the least of men but also to animals and to everything that lives. A moral consciousness opposed to pity and compassion is no longer tolerable.
  3. And, finally, man is more eager than ever before to create. He wants to find a religious justification and meaning for his creativeness. He can no longer endure having his creative instinct repressed either from without or from within.

At the same time other instincts are at work in him, instincts of slavery and cruelty, and he shows a lack of creativeness which leads him to thwart it and deny its very existence. And yet the striving for freedom, compassion and creativeness is both new and eternal.

Therefore the new ethics is bound to be an ethics of freedom, compassion and creativeness.[1]

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The Shift of Ages

3-D, 5-D, Multidimensionality, Philosophy, Metaphysics and beyond…

The Shift (or Shift of Ages) – The “kick-off” date for Ascension was 12/21/2012 (or 12/12/2012) depending on which interpretation one is reading (one philosopher, Calleman, thought the date should be Oct 28, 2011 based on his assessment of the Mayan calendar, but the relevance of this nuance has since dissipated).  This timing derives not just from Mayan calendar calculations, but the prophecies of every major religion from Hindu, Buddhist, Tao, to Christianity, to a variety of Pagan native belief groups from the Hopis through to the Celts (Druids and Witches).

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