Cloud Computing

InfographicTodayLastFinalSometimes it is easiest to explain something in relation to what it is not.  Cloud Computing and “The Cloud” is one of those things.

Contrary to popular buzz and marketing hoopla, most Information Technology professionals today acknowledge that we are still on our voyage to discover “The Cloud” — we haven’t arrived yet.

So Cloud Computing is NOT simply server virtualization or parallel processing or off-premises hosting in a data center where anyone can store their things in “The Cloud”.  It is a vision, an experience, a new way of communicating, discovering, interacting, and transacting…  in short – a revolution!

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The Shift of Ages

3-D, 5-D, Multidimensionality, Philosophy, Metaphysics and beyond…

The Shift (or Shift of Ages) – The “kick-off” date for Ascension was 12/21/2012 (or 12/12/2012) depending on which interpretation one is reading (one philosopher, Calleman, thought the date should be Oct 28, 2011 based on his assessment of the Mayan calendar, but the relevance of this nuance has since dissipated).  This timing derives not just from Mayan calendar calculations, but the prophecies of every major religion from Hindu, Buddhist, Tao, to Christianity, to a variety of Pagan native belief groups from the Hopis through to the Celts (Druids and Witches).

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