Just Stop!

Image result for stop sign eclipseWow…  Wasn’t that something?  The total Solar Eclipse that happened yesterday, August 21, 2017, I mean.

Gobstoppingly beautiful.  I saw it coming in (crescent sun faced south), then at full bore (tiny, tiny crescent pointing straight down), and at its exodus when it mirrored the recent crop circle out of Essex – radio tower – pointed directly at Nashville Tennessee to our Nor’west.

The hush of profound quietness as it beckoned, entered, then dominated the surroundings was totally surreal.  It felt like a chapel, the seashore at dawn, dolphins playing in the waves at pure dusk. Midnight.

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Countdown to Aug 21, 2017 — Apologies come Flooding In!

Reconciliation.  If there is anything that needs to be reconciled on the world stage in my life time (other than the BS attempts to resurrect the cold war between the United States and Russia), it’s the story of Diana.


What a crazy zoo the whole thing was!  We… at least I think I can speak for most people of my generation in the West … loved her without hesitation or reservation.  Yet by that very love, we enabled dysfunctional power mongers and money seekers in the media to hound her beyond all comprehension.  Yes… we enabled, we made that possible.

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August 21, 2017 — Why Reconciliation?

Why Reconciliation?  Why Ho’pono’pono?  Why now?

You know, many people run for the hills when folks talk about apologies…  it makes pretty much every human being on the planet uncomfortable.

I’m Canadian of birth, and we’re kind of famous for saying “sorry” every time we blink.  So maybe I’m an anomaly… 🙂

But I think it’s because we’re at our most vulnerable when we accept that maybe, just maybe we weren’t perfect.  Maybe we didn’t do the right thing or at the right time or maybe we just clashed right there, right then, for reasons neither of us were able to foresee…  But whatever the reason, it is undeniable that we hurt each other – often – and yes it may take amazing courage and humility to acknowledge this when things get uncomfortable.  But, wow!, does it ever change the whole dynamics of a relationship when we pause and realize – hey this doesn’t feel good…  I can do something to make it feel better.

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Let’s Declare August 21, 2017 a Day of Reconciliation!

The energies are intense… and they’re building!  From the Mayan “Day out of Time” on July 25th through the Lunar eclipse (Aug 7), then Lion’s Gate (Aug 8) we are experience wave after ascending wave of disclosure, anomalies, and insanity as we approach the great unveiling promised by the full Solar Eclipse that will span all of North America and much of the world on August 21, 2017.

It is the time to drop our masks!

A dear friend just alerted me to Pink’s newly released song track: What about Us. It encapsulates the remaining clearing that we all need to embrace so beautifully.  It inspired me to co-create this call to action!

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