IT’s Personal

IT’s Personal – how Cloud Computing is changing the way we communicate, exchange, transact and commune 

Cloud Computing…   The obligatory “what is it?”

  • Enabling the Prosumer and multinational corporations of *1*
  • Micro-transaction economy through peer-2-peer exchanges, banking in outer space?
  • It’s still just too hard to use!  Interface wish-list from a Business Technology veteran

The dark and ligh sides of Big Data…  Privacy by Design

  • NSA Disclosure – redundancy is not the answer!
  • Digital identity brokers: a vision for the future
  • How to enable discoverability – a key enabler needed to move from pyramids to clouds

DNA Matrix Harmonics – quantum physics & energy, tesseracts, free energy

GAIA Cleanup – clean air, water, environment, food, animal rights and living in harmony with nature