Trump Win a Catalyst in Fake-Real News Unveiling

The Media Enters the Shift of Ages… Finally!

With all the surprises, bumps and turns we’ve experienced in 2016 it is still astonishing that this year would bring about the collapse of Controlled Media and the centralized propaganda machine that has increasingly dominated the world since 9/11.

I have struggled mightily analyzing and reconciling the furor this past week over Fake vs. Real News which reached it’s fevered pitch Sunday morning in Ron Paul’s explosive tweet naming the actual newscasters at CNN, ABC, USA Today and elsewhere who 1) conspired with the DNC to get Hillary Clinton elected as evidenced in John Podesta’s emails and 2) put aside the tenets of professional journalism back in 2003 (13 years ago) by failing to investigate the truth and sources accusing Iraq of stockpiling weapons of mass destruction.

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