Solovyov, Sobornost’ & 4 Feathers…

rock3-300x300Russia converges with Standing Rock

Russia’s spiritual philosophers evolved the egalitarian, We the People, organizational structure of Eastern Orthodox Christianity — The Sobor (Council of Equals) — into a worldview vision of the future where human beings would live together in harmony, in balance with the Earth and all her creatures.

They called this Sobornost’  –> Unity of a group who share one heart, mind and spirit working together for a common good.

vladimir-solovyovVladimir Solovyov (1853-1900) developed the idea of vseedinstvo, unity-of-all, a concept similar to that of Sobornost’ and closely connected with his doctrine of Godmanhood.  He wrote of Sobornost’,

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The ideas of Russian Spiritual Philosophers (1840s-1940s) and their synergies with today:

Original works exploring their history, contributions to the rise and fall of Communism and the collapse of the Soviet Union, the YMCA as unexpected sponsor of this “Revolution from Within

Biographies, translations & republications, blogs about these Russian thinkers, their French Personalist counterparts and other aligned ideas from around the world

Contributions from other original thinkers!

A growing Bibliography of recommended sources, archives and publications to facilitate further exploration

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