Just Stop!

Image result for stop sign eclipseWow…  Wasn’t that something?  The total Solar Eclipse that happened yesterday, August 21, 2017, I mean.

Gobstoppingly beautiful.  I saw it coming in (crescent sun faced south), then at full bore (tiny, tiny crescent pointing straight down), and at its exodus when it mirrored the recent crop circle out of Essex – radio tower – pointed directly at Nashville Tennessee to our Nor’west.

The hush of profound quietness as it beckoned, entered, then dominated the surroundings was totally surreal.  It felt like a chapel, the seashore at dawn, dolphins playing in the waves at pure dusk. Midnight.

And like midnight, Eclipses make us pause.  Some say time runs backwards when they occur…

In the vein of reconciliation, pause is SO important!

It provides those moments when we stop.  Just stop!  Think. Reflect. Is this really what I want to do? Is this really what I want? Is this how I judge you?  myself? others? Is this the outcome I’d hoped for? Is THIS what I perceive? Really? Truly? Deeply?

In my life, that spectrum has spanned the usual course of victims, violators and valiant, but all the details, the dramas, don’t really seem to matter anymore.

What matters is did I mean that?

And, in most cases… well I didn’t.

Hatred is a vile and terrible energy, doubly so because it damages not only those who it is focused upon but also those seduced into expressing it.

That was said today by Graham Hancock (who’s been such a forefather to us all describing the potential alien antecedents to life on earth), and who recently recovered from a tragic medical emergency.  What was striking was his gratitude to ALL in the medical community who served him — USA side and UK side — during his crisis.

And you know, for all our distaste, abhorrence, criticism about medicine in this age of dubious vaccines, over-prescribed drugs, and horrific hospital or insurance encounters, almost everyone I know who’s suffered a life-threatening debacle says the same.  Thank goodness for all those nurses and doctors who went above and beyond in their care for me!

After all, it’s the people who matter…

Again the medical staff, now at the Royal United Hospital (RUH) in Bath, were completely brilliant, caring and engaged with my case far above and beyond the call of duty. Again their intervention saved my life.

Pondering this, looking at the diatribes and expressed hatred which divides us, I was struck this morning when I glanced at the usual sources of news… ABC, NBC, CNN, Fox, the NYTs, the WSJ, WaPo, Drudge, Before It’s News, ZeroHedge, GAOG, RT, Pravda, ChinaNewsDaily, AlJazeera, The Guardian, The Intercept, La Soleil, HuffPost, LATimes, ShiftFrequency, TheEventChronicle, Sputnik, The Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, and The National Post …

I saw hatred. I saw damage. I saw divisiveness.

I witnessed the vile and terrible energies we are visiting upon who?  No one but OURselves.

I felt the lack. The constriction. The absence of hope. Blame.  Endless blame.

This one…

Image result for John McCain Isis

And This one…

Image result for lindsey graham

And… of course… THIS ONE!!!

Image result for Donald Trump

Then… I got to a page on RT.com (Russia Times for those who don’t know) which made me stop and appreciate these agents of contrast in a way I never had before…

(And no, this is NOT another post trying to prove Russia influenced our last US elections! :P)

I saw this proud father, mother and son…

Sun king: Trump looks at solar eclipse without protective glasses

And this, irreverent iconoclast… “I’m Ready!”

And this somber daughter enjoying her last few walks with “Daddy”

And it struck me.

Where in these pictures can any of us find hate?  Or blame? Or anger?

How are these poor folks any different than we?  Than He?

Image result for Martin Luther King Jr I Have a Dream Speech

Or He?

Image result for hopi prophecy

Or even She…?

Image result for GAIA Atlanta botanical gardens

Or They?

Image result for doma ruling

How can we hate life? love? each other?

How can we embrace such vile, terrible energies and do such harm to ourselves let alone others?

And it settles on me, like the quiet midnight of the eclipse.

We Can Not !

We are better than that.

And then I turn them all off. Close the laptop. Turn off the TV. Fold the Paper….

We each have a choice.

I made mine in 2015 when I left a nice, cushy job at AT&T to venture back into the wild and wooly world of entrepreneurialism, chance and most of all FREEDOM!  (Atlanta’s good at inspiring that! 😉)

It’s no secret.  I left because I could no longer stomach the hypocrisy and fraud of us charging innocent Americans for mobility, phone and data services that they had already paid for!  And then spying on them, without hesitation, to boot!  The siphoning of data for, supposedly the NSA or Feds, by Israeli companies who’s software was installed at all of our border routers.  The burned employees forced to work with unsafe electro-magnetic frequency devices on our cell towers. The lies. The careful wording of privacy statements.  4 million hours a year of training so management could break the picket lines and replace unioned workers in case of a strike. The spying on employees to see if folks were working: Did they have health issues causing turnover in stores? Were they talking to Verizon?  All that crap.

Those of you who toil at CNN, Fox, ABC and all the other mainstream press – you too have a choice.

If editors and publishers are telling you to make “fake news,” that the electorate is “stupid sheeple,” that you’ll be fired for telling the truth about military “spending,” who voted, “Russia Hacks,” hide the conditions in our prisons and ICE detention centers, hold innocent people hostage because they speak the truth, cover up for Wall Street and distract people from reforming Obamacare, auditing the Federal Reserve, and dismantling the IRS…  you have a choice!

Yes, you can wait for everyone to turn off their TVs, their computers, fold up their papers.  But, isn’t this all taking just a little too long?  When will you join us and finish this dissolving the media, stopping communication-propaganda, ending the controller agenda?  Do you really want your children and your children’s children to suffer as you have?

Or can we just stop this now.

And those of you new age media, the alternative press, the bloggers, the tweeters, the posters…  Please, unleash your creative power with no restraints — in ALL WAYS, ALWAYS.  It would be nice if you came from a place without lack… or fear … or hate.  And if you were honest… and true to yourselves.  Because y’all — you are the future of media and communications — is this what you want to create?

Love is the answer to every question.